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Protect your brand and culture with social media screening.

CheckSocial is an employee screening platform that helps you avoid bad hires, by using publicly available information to assess the candidate’s online behaviour.

Discover red flags in a candidate’s online presence

Highlight non desirable behaviours such as provocative or inappropriate posts, substance abuse, discrimination, criminal behaviour or bad-mouthing previous employers and colleagues.

Assess cultural fit and check digital reputation 


Just like people, businesses have a personality. Ensure the candidate’s personality matches the values and beliefs of your business. Find out what other people are saying about the candidate and how the candidate portrays themselves online.

Let us do the searching for you

Tired of trying to figure out if the content you are looking at belongs to the candidate? Are you spending alot of time looking through content? Our easy-to-use dashboard and API makes it easy for you to add automated social media checks to your hiring process.

"With more and more candidates living their lives online, we have found that their professional and personal digital footprints can be quite large and complex. As an employer, screener or vetter, it is difficult to search, match and then importantly identify potential red flags without some level of automated help. CheckSocial offers a unique way forward. We are pleased to use their service."

Heath Barker, Founder of Cleard Life

“CheckSocial has already helped several of our clients avoid a bad hire. It identified behaviours that did not appear during interview. This is exactly what Makesure does and CheckSocial has become an integral part of our pre-employment suite!”

Rob Wallace, CEO Makesure

We provide social media screening services for:

CheckSocial can help you limit your risk by proactively screening candidates’ online behaviour as part of the hiring process.

The next time you hire, ask yourself – have you checked social?