Digital footprint check software built to save you time 

By automating the discovery of red flags and identifying points of interest in a person’s online presence we’re saving you time and helping you manage risk.


We provide you with a high- quality report that summarises the data that was found by the system, highlighting any red flags and points of interest that were found.

Content Discovery

Our platform uses advanced technology including image recognition and machine learning to discover online accounts and content.

Human in the Loop

Our expert assessing officers review the content of every report to ensure it meets the high standards our customers expect.


Our platform automates the digital footprint check, so you can avoid manual searches, which are error prone and time intensive.


We obtain consent from the candidate for the check and only collect publicly available information. Any protected information is excluded from our reports.

Easy to Set Up

Follow our easy to understand guide to integrate our platform with your existing hiring software or use our online portal.

Fast Turnaround Time

We have a range of SLA’s to suit your needs, starting with 5 days for a completed report.

Flexible Pricing

A range of plans and pricing options to fit within your budget.

How we can help


Reduce the risks and costs associated with a bad hire.

Internal Talent Managers

Protect your workplace culture.

Security Vetting Officers

Reduce the insider threat.


Be aware of how others see you online.

Helping recruiters reduce the risk and cost of a bad hire

Bad hires can be a significant cost for your business, and not only financially. Hiring mistakes can also impact your reputation and client relationships. Social media background checks can help reduce these risks and help differentiate your offering in the market.

Empowering internal talent managers to protect workplace culture

1 in 5 candidates have a red flag on their online profile that would cause a hiring manager to reconsider hiring them. Protect your company culture and avoid the cost and brand damage that can result from a bad hire with a social media background check.

Combatting insider threats for security vetting officers

In 2018, digital footprint checks became mandatory for all Australian Government security clearances. CheckSocial’s digital footprint check reports are compliant with government requirements and have also been used to counter insider threats in other sectors including critical infrastructure and mining.

Looking for your next job, or just curious about what people can see about you online?

A CheckSocial report will allow you to review what other people can see about your online profiles and activities. You can use this information to review and fix any errors or misconfigured privacy settings, ensuring that you are putting your best foot forward online.

Ready to automate your digital footprint checks? 

CheckSocial can help you save time and reduce cost.